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quarta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2012

Review @ Sea of Tranquility (USA)

Skypho is a Portuguese alternative metal band. Same Old Sin is
their latest and most ambitious project to date. The album was recorded by Ivo
Magalhães at Uncle Rock Studios and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination
Street Studios, Sweden. The band consists of Hugo Sousa and José Vidal, on
guitar; Carlos Tavares, provides the vocals and acoustic guitar; Hugo Oliveira,
plays percussion; Ricardo Fontoura, on drums; and Ricardo Aguiar, on bass.
After some quiet electric guitar strumming, on the opening track,
s.d.s. along with heavy bass and strings, the full power of this band
and album are opened up with Sleeping in the Monster's Bed, a full
out gallop of power chords, heavy bass and drumming, before Tavares' vocals
scream out, "This is war! Is this what you want?" Just a sample of what to
expect on this powerful album that takes no prisoners. This is heavy music with
no apologies or excuses.
After that initial heavy opening the band settles down musically into
more of a Porcupine Tree meets Soundgarden sound. Some of the tracks are sung in
Portuguese providing their own uniqueness to the mix. However, Tavares' vocals
continue their rage and screaming power.
A última caminhada opens with didgeridoo and an Eastern
vibe, mixed well with rap like vocals, before the screaming begins again. It is
probably the most interesting track on the album.
Spirit is another standout track with its excellent
acoustic and then electric lead guitar set to Latin drums and regular vocals.
The guitar strumming and chord – work is the best on the album. However, the
screaming returns to disrupt the great sound that was building. The drum – work
on this track and the entire album is fantastic.
Jungle Syndrome opens well with cool drums and percussion,
then didgeridoo. Another of the best tracks on the album.
White Bird, with addition of "Diana" on vocals, is another
stand out track.
If you like in your face vocal screaming set to power rock guitar chords,
with heavy bass and drums, you'll like this album.
Track Listing: 01 s.d.s 02 Sleeping in the Monster's Bed 03 A
última caminhada 04 My insomina 05 Your love, my cage, my prison, my
rage 06 Spirit 07 Nowhere Neverland 08 Demon's party 09 Darkness
of the soul 10 My last words 11 Re_nasce 12 Jungle syndrome 13
White bird
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