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terça-feira, maio 12, 2009


Boas pessoal, enquanto o album novo está a ser preparado, continuam a sair críticas ao nosso EP "Nowhere Neverland". Ficam aqui as duas mais recentes:

Atmospheric Magazine (Polónia)

Morbib Miller's Top UNsigned Bands in the World (E.U.A.)

This is a band that caught my attention when I was researching unsigned bands for my list. They instantly struck me as a rare mix between Incubus and System of a Down. Skypho combines elements of tribal music and modern mainstream rock verses that create catchy but moody songs. Opening track “My Last Words” and title track “Nowhere to Neverland” incorporate a worldly sound fused together with an alternative metal backbone. Both songs have their emotional moments revealed as merely a transitional phase between heavy metal and something new. Don’t get me wrong is not a die hard thrash band but they have their preconceptions on how to play metal. Most of the songs on “Nowhere Neverland” are almost arbitrarily contrary but designed to defy expectation. The best track on the record and the very song that sealed the deal for Skypho being a Morbid Miller Top Unsigned Band is the song called “My Insomnia” surging onward like an avalanche with increasing power and momentum making the crossover between mainstream rock and Nu-Metal. I look forward to hearing a full length release from my good friends in Skypho! - 4\5